in the land of the sun

It has been about a year since I’ve written anything for a public sphere. It’s not for a lack of inspiration, but rather a cohesive theme. When I was in Peace Corps Indonesia, the theme was obvious: life as a PCV in a foreign land, in alien situations. Now the situation is not as clean-cut, nor as time bound, and I find myself regretting that “In the Land of Dragons” doesn’t really apply to the places where I spend most of my time — Atlanta and Ecuador, or traveling wherever life takes me. Currently, Jakarta.

In an effort to continue writing and have an outlet for my contemplations on the places, things and situations I encounter, I’ve created this site—a nod to the city and country I love best (Quito, Ecuador), which has a strong indigenous, and colonial, history and importance due to its altitude and equatorial location.

In this area, the indigenous people –the last of which were most well-known as the Incas—honored the sun and built their religion and architecture around their advanced knowledge of astronomy and movements of the cosmos. My admiration of their civilization and their exceptional synchronicity and, mostly, harmonious coexistence with nature inspired this blog’s title. I also felt it to be broader and more inclusive of all the places I may find myself in, given that the complex life on this planet is dependent on this one ordinary yellow star.

Manabí Ecuador
Manabí, Ecuador
And so this blog exists, like a dream catcher in the night, capturing the thoughts that arise as I make my way through this land of the sun.


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