The simple things to say about myself would be straight facts. I’m a graduate of Emory University with a Master’s in Development Practice. I live in Quito, Ecuador and work as a socioenvironmental consultant. Most of the time, when I’m not in my home country – and traveling around it any chance I get – I am dreaming of and missing  Indonesia, where I served as a Peace Corps Volunteer, New Orleans, Atlanta or Flores, Guatemala. Currently, I’m wishing I could be in some music festival or concert.

The things I’ll be writing about on this site are mainly personal thoughts and feelings, reflections (or rants) on the things I do, like travel, or know/are learning about, like development—mainly focused on environmental justice, sustainability, conservation and human rights.

Occasionally, I’ll write about my biggest passion—music—which I most frequently update about on here.

Other than that, what I could write about me is the long story of how I came to look upon four extremely different countries as home. That is, when I can even define what ‘home’ means to me, since most of the time I find myself straddling many cultures, not quite part of any as I adapt and grow through them, but with a greater preference for—and a slight bias towards—the southern hemisphere and the tropics.

To learn why I named my blog “In The Land of the Sun,” read this post here.

el (verdadero) monumento de la mitad del mundo | the (true) middle of the world monument - Cayambe, Ecuador
el (verdadero) monumento de la mitad del mundo | the (true) middle of the world monument – Cayambe, Ecuador | Photo Credit: Nicole Ethier

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