The simple things to say about myself would be straight facts. I’m a graduate of Emory University with a Master’s in Development Practice. I lived in Atlanta. Most of the time, when I’m not in my home country of Ecuador or in Indonesia, where I served as a Peace Corps Volunteer, I may also be found in New Orleans or in some music festival or concert. I go to as many as I can afford and make time for.

Last summer, I was in Jakarta, Indonesia working for The Nature Conservancy (TNC). This summer, I’m in northern Guatemala working for the Rainforest Alliance. (And all thoughts written here are my own and do not necessarily reflect any position of TNC, RA or MDP Emory.)

The things I’ll be writing about on this site are mainly personal thoughts and feelings, reflections (or rants) on the things I do, like travel, or know/are learning about, like development—mainly focused on environmental justice, sustainability, conservation and human rights.

Occasionally, I’ll write about my biggest passion—music—which I most frequently update about on here.

Other than that, what I could write about me is the long story of how I came to look upon three extremely different countries as home. That is, when I can even define what ‘home’ means to me, since most of the time I find myself straddling many cultures, not quite part of any as I transition through them, but with a greater preference for—and a slight bias towards—the southern hemisphere and the tropics.

To learn why I named my blog “In The Land of the Sun,” read this post here.

el (verdadero) monumento de la mitad del mundo | the (true) middle of the world monument - Cayambe, Ecuador
el (verdadero) monumento de la mitad del mundo | the (true) middle of the world monument – Cayambe, Ecuador | Photo Credit: Nicole Ethier

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